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The VRG is made possible by the support of, the many vinyl record dealers & show organizers who create the opportunity for collectors to buy records. There is NO user registration requirement to access the information provided. Our standard listing/inclusion in the site is absolutley 100% FREE!

If you are a dealer, retailer, store, organizer or vinyl accessories supplier you may wish to take advantage of promoting your goods and services to our site users. So, to increase your visibility in our site, please use this page to select your level participation.

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Here's the simple deal. Since we created the first VRG in 2004, web costs have reduced considerably in price, so it's possible to provide a lot of information for relatively very low fees. Additionally, other than an initial set up cost, our data is NOT subject to daily change and is low maintenance, so as a result the VRG has spent over 8 years developing the ideal and cost effective solution for vinyl collectors and traders, to make connections.

The VRG is funded in advance, and does NOT charge for standard listings, nor is likely to do so in the near future. Nor is it overpopulated with "bloated advertising and padding." As a resource, the information and updated data is supported largely by members and with essential goods and services that collectors are genuinely interested in. This means that it is highly cost effective to be included in the largest source of vinyl records availabletoday.

Guide Membership, Upgradeable Listings & Advertising Opportunities
If you are a Record Store Owner or Record Show Orgainzer THERE IS NO FEE for a standard listing in the VRG web site - ITS FREE! That standard listing already includes dealer/store name and street address for FREE! And Show organizers have all their phone numbers, email addresses and web/venue links already enabled - for FREE!


Premium Listing Record Store Package ONE TIME Registration FEE (NO Annual Charge)

A permanent upgraded Premium Listing in the Vinyl Record Guide, showing Phone & Fax Numbers, E-Mail connections and Web Site links.


Premium Record Show Package ONE TIME Registration FEE (1st Year Annual Fee, Included)

A permanent Upgraded listing in the Vinyl Record Guide, showing a Profile or Feature Page for your show. Perfect if you don't have/want a web site, or manage an on-line social media presence.

NOTE: This does NOT affect FREE listings, contact and web site details available to all show organizers!


Annual Fee

Profile Listing Record Store Package ONE TIME FEE (1st Year Annual Fee, Included)

A permanent upgraded Premium listing in the Vinyl Record Guide, showing a Profile Page in the Vinyl Record Guide, and featuring descriptions, store photos, and directions. Fully enabled web and e-mail links that blend with your own web site/social media presence or perfect if you don't have/want a web site, or manage an on-line social media presence.


Annual Fee

Trader & Non-Member Advertising Opportunity
A Trader (Merchandise) Banner advertisement is developed for traders (businesses and individuals) who trade merchandise, to take advantage of selected pages and resources, throughout this Web Site. It helps to target web site viewers with interests specific to a vendors resources.
Screen Capture of Banner Adverts

Sample Banner Advert We offer two choices in Banner Adverts, on our main "Desktop Banner" for desk-top pc's and lap tops, and our "Mobile Banners" for the mobile site. They are available exclusively to each site on in a combination package for both site versions at only 30% additional total cost, per site. We rotate "Desktop Banner" Adverts at the left and right side of every page of the VRG "Desktop" Web Site. Your banner will be placed at the left or right side of 2 (two) web site pages, one specific and one randomly placed. You can add extra adverts on additional pages and/or combine two, or three adverts, all in one column on the same page, as you need on. the actual size is 159pixels X 100pixels (JPEG format preferred).

Sample Banner Advert" Mobile Banners" Adverts ONLY appear at the top of each page in the "Mobile" Site. Your banner will be placed at the top of your selected page.

All Banner Adverts are subject to a combination, quantity and yearly discounts at a discounted rates (contact us for specific requirements). Each banner displays permanently for the contract period and offers a direct link to your own web site or the resource of your choice.

If you don't have a web site and would like to take adavatage of our premium listing we can create your own page profle page and link it to our banners (see above for premium listing details) and/or your social media presence.
Standard Trader Banner Package "Desktop Adverts" are placed, 1 (one) on the main pages (your choice of position - first come first served) OR the Show Directory, and 1 (one) random page in the State By State Page Directory (or you can specify a page), for a 12 month period. "Mobile Adverts" are placed on the main pages of the mobile site, or on the Show directory, or on one of the State Directory Pages. Each banner can be linked to a 'click-through' to the resource of your choice. We rotate up to 6 banners at the top of each page. Includes preparatory work and proofing of single design (or supply your own artwork).

30% Discount off the total fee for inclusion in both sites. 10% discount per advert and per year, up to a maximum of $200.00 cumulative total discount for Members and $100.00 for Non-Members.
++Prices are based on contracted period with a minimum service contract of 12 months, inclusive of design and artwork fees.

Please Note: Our site does NOT contain listings to 'On-line ONLY' Record Dealers, Traders and Mail Order organizations, at this time. Only businesses and individuals with stores or physical locations are listed. This is designed to promote active visits to locations where individuals can 'hunt' for vinyl in the traditional way, and interact with store owners and other collecttors. The VRG, will at a future date, add on-line traders in a separate listing program, although we do not discourage any visitors trading or discussing vinyl in any online environment.
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